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Artist: Pablo Bolivar
Title: Unsurfaced EP
Cat.: einmusika119
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: April 16th, 2018
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01. Unsurfaced
02. Only By Firelight
03. Davos

A mixture between groovy house vibes and our typical einmusika signature sound. We say welcome Pablo Bolivar with his Unsurfaced EP. The Barcelona based producer is no insider tip anymore and we hear his unique sound aswell on „Only By Firelight“ which is spiked with subliminal acid touches. Davos comes with a beautiful melody leading you through the whole track.

Artist: Miyagi
Title: The Last Day EP
Cat.: einmusika118
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: April 2nd, 2018
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01. The Last Day
02. When You Whisper

A clear bass is knocking at your door while synth chords drifting in. Enough space to get into the groove of Miyagi’s new EP “The Last Day“. The Hamburg based producer recently surprised the scene with his longplayer „Scene From A Dream“ and makes the next big step with tight and techy grooves now. The song is breaking up the clouds just to close them again after you’ve seen the warm lightning beams for a moment. A hopeful multi-layered and on-point arrangement. „When You Whisper“ comes with a beating drum and long lasting authentic beats.

Artist: Philipp Kempnich
Title: Zoar EP
Cat.: einmusika117
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: March 23rd, 2018
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01. Zoar
02. Caledon

A techy and cool vibe is guiding you into “Zoar“. Bleeps and long lasting synth chords making the new track by Berlin based Philipp Kempnich unique and straight. The clear bass line kicks in and brings you without detours to the dancefloor. “Caledon“ is clear and dark – a statement for the club and without any doubt an impressive shadowy techno track with it’s organic drums and it’s unexpected screeches.

Artist: Jonas Saalbach
Title: April EP
Cat.: einmusika116
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: March 9th, 2018
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01. April
02. Filo ft. Andrea Ljekaj
03. April (Simon Doty Remix)

In ‘April’ you feel spring has arrived. Magical synths and groovy baselines are a warm welcome after a long cold winter. Jonas Saalbach is preparing us for hot long summer nights with his new EP April. The tittle track is a progressive melodical trip that has Jonas written all over it. The second track he teams up with his Croatian friend Andrea Ljekaj. ‘Filo’ is full of mystery and will work some magic on many dancefloors. To finish the EP we have Simon Doty on remix duties for April, a driving track that’s makes you want to dance for ever.

Artist: Dirty Doering & Einmusik
Title: Dagga EP
Cat.: einmusika115
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: February 23rd, 2018
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01. Dagga
02. Toyi Toyi
03. Dagga (Philipp Kempnich Remix)

A sunny sound sending warm greetings from South Africa, the second home of Master Dirty Doering. With “Dagga“ he is delivering a dancy but relaxed tune for the floor. Warm synths and a drifting bass line guiding to a hands up break. Together with Einmusik he created “Toyi Toyi“ with a bit more pressure on the keys and the really uplifting style they showed already with “Lucid“ which was released on Doering’s imprint Katermukke. The topping is the remix by Philipp Kempnich for the title track which brings the techno groove and quicker and darker moments. Enjoy the package straight from the sun.

Artist: Niconé
Title: Can’t Hide ft. Aves Volare EP
Cat.: einmusika114
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: February 09th, 2018
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01. Can’t Hide ft. Aves Volare
02. Adulte Dunkeln ft. David Hasert
03. Never Thought ft. Aves Volare

A production full of clarity and power, warm and melodic – welcome Niconé on Einmusika. Together with Aves Volare the title track “Can’t Hide“ wakes you up from winter mood and makes you feel comfortable in the club. The massive male vocal stays in mind. Another strike from the Berlin based producer and DJ who know how to deal with the hungry crowd. Together with his mate David Hasert he brings the more dry and techy. Keep running with “Adulte Dunkeln“. The second vocal track with Aves Volare brings you a bit down. Love is the theme and “Never Thought“ balances the Ep between light and darkness.

Artist: Rauschhaus
Title: Folded Skies EP
Cat.: einmusika113
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: January 26th, 2018
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01. Folded Skies
02. Elysion
03. Spectrum

A soundtrack between smooth deepness and bleeping tech. An epic melody and long lasting hook. Welcome Rauschhaus with a first EP on Einmusika. “Folded Skies“ reminds you of summer nights and sunshine. More clean and sorted comes “Elysion“ which brings you back to the club and “Spectrum“ delivers the coldness of techno but keep some melodic moments.

Artist: Microtrauma
Title: Soñar (Album)
Cat.: einmusika112
Format: Wav / MP3 / CD

Release Date: January 12th, 2018
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01. Soñar
02. Vona 1.2
03. Filamenta
04. 5254
05. I Am Bient
06. Undercurrent
07. Crudo
08. Aden
09. Haamit
10. Reise Von Ker

A silky smooth intro, peaceful seconds, before the restless dream starts. Wide open and mysterious deep that is “Soñar“ the title track of Microtrauma’s first longplayer. Like a trip through the universe – “Vona 1.2“ creates different pictures rushing by. Get on the dancefloor with “Filamenta“ and breath deeply while listening to “5254“. The whole longplayer is like an emotional carrousel. From silky smooth beats to bass-loated tracks and foreign noises. “I Am Bient“ comes so dark and cold – you are paralysed, just to get back moving and dreaming the next moment. The longplayer combines techno and wave, house, pop and alien instrumentals. It’s a real refreshment for your ears. You will find peace in “Undercurrent“, face your fears in “Crudo“ and find your way with “Haamit“.
Time to wake up and see the stars from our perspective with “Reise Von Ker“.

Artist: Jonas Saalbach
Title: Perspective (Remixes)
Cat.: einmusika111
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: December 11th, 2017
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01. Nightwalk (D-Formation Remix)
02. Pull On The Strings (Tim Engelhardt Remix)
03. Play With Birds (Jon Charnis Remix)
04. Fruehling (Madmotormiquel Remix)

The perspective is changing. From sunny moments to dark clubbing times. Jonas Saalbach’s second long-player is back on the dancefloor with 4 fantastic remixes. Next to D-Formation with a unique version of “Nightwalk“, Tim Engelhardt delivers a super laid back version of “Pull On The Strings“. California’s rising producer Jon Charnis is “Playing With Birds“ and Matmotormiquel remixes Fruehling which is a collaboration with Philipp Kempnich and brings the Berlin vibe.

Artist: Marc DePulse
Title: Kontrollverlust (Album)
Cat.: einmusika110
Format: Wav / MP3 / CD

Release Date: November 20th, 2017
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01. Uranus 51
02. Her Fragrance
03. Kontrollverlust ft. Xenia Beliayeva
04. Hats Off
05. Sienka
06. Better Be Nice
07. Tailwind
08. Radio Star
09. Back To Bed
10. Prince Charming

Loss of control. Shimmering lights, smelly buildings’corners, a heavy throb in your head. Time doesn’t pass, doesn’t stop, is meaningless. Your whole body is off-line, your mind blown away. But that doesn’t matter because it brings you further and you set the direction. Marc DePulse’s second longplayer “Kontrollverlust“ will be out in November. Loosing yourself in music, in trance – on purpose or because life takes it’s way – that’s what it’s about. While “Uranus51“ is mystical and spheric, a straight way into nowhere, the second track “Her Fragrance“ already catches you with dark, dirty bass lines and pulsating beats. Xenia Beliayeva’s vocals on the title track „Kontrollverlust“ are telling a story about love and sorrow at the same time. Visions, fantasy, the whole longplayer is full of emotions.

“Hats Off“ starts with a bleeping and continues softly and peacefully. A perfect club tune followed by “Sienka“ with this little extra of funk. So now “Better Be Nice“ while dark basses are crashing in and techno tunes make their way. After “Tailwind“ and “Radio Star“ you remember that darkness gets always replaced by sunlight. Make your peace and get “Back To Bed“ till you recovered and under control. Finally „Prince Charming“ guids you to a beautiful place outside. A deep breath and you’re ready to go back where you started.

Artist: Rafael Cerato
Title: Sky Burner EP
Cat.: einmusika109
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: November 3rd, 2017
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01. Rafael Cerato & Jonatan Backelie – Burner
02. Rafael Cerato & Jonatan Backelie – Blisters
03. Rafael Cerato & Jonatan Backelie – Blisters (Einmusik Remix)
04. Rafael Cerato – Heaven

Light on the dark dancefloor. Trancy, deep and atmospheric – welcome back Rafael Cerato on Einmusika. Together with Jonatan Backelie the Sky Burner Ep brings unique and uplifting vibes. “Blisters“is like a soundtrack, a book you read and can not close. We added an Einmusik remix full of sunny moments and emotional breaks. The final “Heaven“ is wide open and dreamy. Get into the mood, out end of October.

Artist: Einmusik
Title: Serenade (Album)
Cat.: einmusika108
Format: Wav / MP3 / CD

Release Date: October 6th, 2017
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Movement I
01. Serenade
02. Maan
03. Biscarrosse
04. Nightingale
05. Marin
06. Seesaw
07. Nordkapp

Movement II
01. Cenote
02. Nob Hill
03. Prana
04. Ayana
05. Precious

Einmusik’s new longplayer “Serenade“ brings moments of freedom and magic. The Berlin based producer and live act combines the pace of electronic music with classical composing on Movement I, which is the dance part of the album.
First “Serenade“ comes in with industrial cold claps and a techy hook. A typical Einmusik track and the start for a cross-genre journey. Without loosing the drive this album part creates a special relaxed atmosphere. Songs like “Maan“ are asking and answering many questions with emotive piano parts. A natural groove, rolling bass lines and redemptive breaks. Samuel Kindermann created his own language which is spoken all around the globe.

With Movement II you can discover a part of Einmusik which was behind the curtain but has always been part of his performances. Only a hand full of electronic producers show their passion and love to their own music while performing like he does. And so the track “Cenote“ is the start of a deep dive. A cosmic listening experience, slowed down, different and with massive impact.

Artist: Budakid
Title: Ruler On The Throne EP
Cat.: einmusika107
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: September 22nd, 2017
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01. Ruler On The Throne ft. Siogue
02. The Question Is Why
03. The Question Is Why (Kris Davis Remix)

This one is about much more than the dancefloor: “Ruler On the Throne“ by Budakid is full of ear openers with it’s painted synth sounds and the metallic bleeps combined with the warm voice of Siogue. Such an intense statement of deep and electronic music to end and summarize the season. “The Question Is Why“ comes much more poppy and combines different musical cultures. It’s trippy and melodic and turns into a funk-tinged anthem while the piano is taken you back to the beach. The remix by Kris Davis speaks the language of the club. An electronic romance for your body, filled with a classy bass line and the power of minimalistic sounds. Out end of September on Einmusika.

Artist: Fat Sushi
Title: Oblivion EP
Cat.: einmusika106
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: September 8th, 2017
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01. Oblivion
02. Metropolis
03. Solaris

A smart clap for the beginning, some wide open soundscapes full of hope and a grooving bass line behind. “Oblivion“ by Fat Sushi sounds like a trip through the universe with it’s deep and mystic style. Back on earth with proper housy sounds and “Metropolis“. This one takes you direct to the dancefloor. Finally “Solaris“ is opening new dimensions with it’s shuffling rhythms and a loud attitude. Reminds you of some techno classics and brings you definitly back into the orbit. That’s how we start the autumn, get on board.

Artist: Florian Kruse
Title: Navigator EP
Cat.: einmusika105
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: Agust 18th, 2017
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01. Navigator ft. Brolin
02. Basement Grooves ft. Saccao
03. Navigator (Philipp Kempnich Remix)

The Navigator for good sound, for summer vibes and strict club tunes – welcome Florian Kruse on Einmusika. Together with Brolin he created an unique and special track with deep structures and long lasting vocal parts. Hands up for this progressive, mid-set game changer with it’s dreamy attitude. Together with Saccao “Basement Grooves“ is the B-Side with dry and crispy grooves beside dreamy piano notes. Less friendly, less sunny but still full of hope and magic. Last but no least Philipp Kempnich is turning “Navigator“ in a dark and techy monster for the club. Out middle of August.

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Bella Mar 04
Cat.: einmusika103
Format: Wav / MP3 / CD

Release Date: July 10th, 2017
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01. Jonas Saalbach & Logfile – Run
02. Simon Doty – Andromeda
03. Philipp Kempnich – Golden Meadow
04. Mike Tohr – Frozen Cones
05. Hacker & Miethig – CC1
06. Huminal – Chasing Reality
07. Nordfold – Windless
08. Miyagi – A Better Ghost
09. Niconé – mkkerzuge
10. Budakid – In Your Eyes

Summer is back and we celebrate the season with our 4th edition of the Bella Mar Compilation. This time we asked Jonas Saalbach to get his favourite acts on board and we are pretty sure, you will love the selection. From deep and groovy vibes like the intro song “Run“ by Jonas Saalbach & Logfile or Simon Doty’s “Andromeda“ to techy and more uplifting tracks by Philipp Kempnich, Hacker & Miethig or Niconé. Mike Thor, Miyagi, Budakid and Huminal – this selection makes you ridding smooth under the sun and through the night. Enjoy Bella Mar No. 4.

Artist: Einmusik
Title: Blooming EP
Cat.: einmusika102
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: June 16th, 2017
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01. Blooming
02. Sakura

Synths open up endless spaces next to a restless running bass line. It’s the typical Einmusik signature coming with “Sakura“ but it’s new and guiding at the same time. A track full of perfect multiplied instruments and a long lasting break. Hands up for this one and for “Blooming“. The B-Side comes more relaxed with it’s straight claps and the soft bleeps softly coming in. But quickly the organic sounds materialize in the background for a hooky and undulating waltz. Summer is in town, use it for a dance.

Artist: Thomas Gandey
Title: Pieces Of Me
Cat.: einmusika101
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: June 5th, 2017
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01. Thomas Gandey – Pieces Of Me
02. Thomas Gandey & Alex Kaspersky – To Find Reason
03. Thomas Gandey & Alex Kaspersky – To Find Reason (Ron Flatter Remix)

A soft rolling clap, a dark synth for the first push and finally these dreamy melody and whispering voices over it – welcome back Mister Thomas Gandey on Einmusika. Together with Alex Kaspersky he is bringing “To find a reason“ which will make the summer more groovy. “Pieces of Me“ comes with 80’s sound applications and a quality voice over it. Step by step this one makes you smile and lift your hands. On top we serve a remix by Ron Flatter.

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