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EINMUSIKA 016 – Einmusik – Damgala EP (release 18.08.2012)

einmusika016_cover After the big success of Einmusiks second longplayer “Oceans Bottom” and the annual Live-Set-Tour, Einmusik was back in his studio. At the end of August the “Damgala” EP will be released on Einmusika Rec. and the vision of Oceans Bottom continues with two special tracks on it.

“Damgala” comes up with very strong and sensuous vocals. The baseline is catchy, the breaks are stunning and the synths are Einmusik like: passionated and dreamy. The mood of “Damgala” is like the feeling at the end of the summer, when the sunsets are blood-red and the air smells in another way. A new thing begins and so the track is a summary of memories.

The second track is called “St. Anna”. Einmusik did it together with a young and talented DJ from Berlin who is called Mars Leder. They meet each other on several partys, took the guitar into the studio and created a wonderful and gracious track with soft synths, a melancholic hook and under this a very catchy baseline. Close your eyes and feel the song without being prejudiced by some words.

01. Einmusik – Damgala – 08:12
02. Einmusik & Mars Leder – St. Anna – 08:22

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What it is about

Traveling and touring is an inspiration for Samuel Kindermann alias Einmusik. This is why he founded his own label Einmusika where sounds come together, where artists meet and where the music he likes is getting a place for reaching the electronic scence.

Einmusika is not only a platform, it is a playground for new handpicked production talents from all over the world.