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EINMUSIKA 017 – Jonas Saalbach – Nika Yumi EP (release 01.02.2013)

einmusika017_coverWhat if time does not matter? Welcome to the world of Jonas Saalbach, where nothing is solid but the rhythm of the base. We are drifting between synthwaves and nested melancholic melodies, between hazy vibes and spare used dark vocals and we call it “Nika Yumi”. This one is a brilliant number from a producer-youngstar, which strandet in Berlin with a big smile and many dreams in the backage. So here we go with his first release on Einmusika Recordings.

“Next” – the second track on the EP, is an exotic odyssey in times of Vocal- and Deephouse, because this number is technoid, minimal and unimagined. “Next” can flip a good party into a great one in the space of six glorious minutes. The bendy baseline is catching everybody and the track is full of cosmic synths. And after this trip you surely need a bottle of water and a melody which picks up this feeling underlined with dreamy synth motifs and a kind of woozy bleeps – This is “Cave”.

Okay. So where we are? What time it is? Whatever, you can repeat everything.

01. Jonas Saalbach – Nika Yumi – 07:17
02. Jonas Saalbach – Next – 06:06
03. Jonas Saalbach – Cave – 06:04

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