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EINMUSIKA 021 – Einmusik – 10 Years (Album) (release 25.10.2013)

Cover_Einmusik_10YearsArtist: Einmusik
Title: 10 Years Album
Cat.: einmusika021
Format: Vinyl / Wav / MP3

Release Date: Octobber 25th, 2013
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01. Einmusik – Silveroid
02. Einmusik – Pheasant
03. Einmusik – Koogle
04. Einmusik – Jabloko
05. Einmusik – Silk n´ Saw
06. Einmusik – Oceans Bottom (Extended Mix)
07. Einmusik – Razor
08. Einmusik – Papeé
09. Einmusik – Altered Beyond Recognition

10 Years beetween studio and club, between aiport halls, cold tea and afterpartys. 10 Years dusty shoes and endorphin after one of those gigs under the burning sun. 10 Years draging cases and hotel life.

In celebration of his anniversary Einmusik releases a collection of tracks which were important for him and his career. All these songs still catchin the crowd like he plays them the first time.

On top you will find three new pieces (“Silveroid“, “Koogle“, “Razor“), which were produced in the capital heat of this summer and which are bundling the energy and elegance of the new Einmusik chapter on a high class niveau.

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