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EINMUSIKA 024 – Pysh – Flying Circus (Album) (release 14.02.2014)

Pysh_-_Flying_CircusArtist: Pysh
Title: Flying Circus Album
Cat.: einmusika024
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: February 14th, 2014
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01. Pysh – Little Big Planet
02. Pysh – The Monk
03. Pysh – Clint Westwood
04. Pysh – This Is Madness
05. Pysh – Aguero
06. Pysh – Flying Circus
07. Pysh – Saint Greed
08. Pysh – Wakie Wakie
09. Pysh – Gaya

When doors open, you only see spotlights and beautiful creatures in the air. From the first step you are looking for the ground under your feet and you feel the heat of this colorful, emotive and crazy music. Welcome to our „Flying Circus“.

Pysh is the man, who created this beautiful album with nine outstanding and unusal electronic tracks. The guy from Warsaw already released on Einmusika and suprises again with sounds, far away from categories and drawers. Let’s start the show with „ Little Big Planet“, a really funky track with clear elements and catchy vocals. Emotive and lush, always free and uninmagined.

„The Monk“ is no less tough and exciting. Fast and sure, with deep melodies. And so we are in the right mood to dance to „Clint Weestwood“. This track is only made for this, with it’s densely and rolling bassline. Now you are surely ready for a deep and more darkened number. „This is Madness“ – a bassline, techy elements and a creepy voice completing the track. So „Aguero“ is really lifting you up after this spectacle. Let’s move to some woody and friendly sounds with funk drops on it. „Flying Circus“ connectes with a reggae attitude and straight claps. The melody is very easy but made to brand.

You still got your hands up? Leave them there, because the energetic and slinky „Saint Greed“ follows. It’s a pumper with deep grooves and the opener for „Wakie Wakie“. Number eight on the album starts with a hard bassline and squeaking melodies. First it is a bit confusing, but after a few seconds you got the storyboard. A soft- focused song, a new horizont, an old feeling. You can see dancers lifting their legs and spinning their head, if your eyes are open.

We are sorry. The show is nearly over. An ethnic and moody vocal, a singing guitar, a bassline – well known from the good old times, and soft strings coming in to say good bye with “Gaya“. And while you are leaving this mysterious place, you know, the “Flying Circus“ was always a part of yourself.

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