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EINMUSIKA 026 – Einmusik – 5 A.M. (Album) (release 11.04.2014)

Artist: Einmusik
Title: 5 A.M.
Cat.: einmusika026
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: April 11, 2014
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01. Einmusik – Azur
02. Einmusik – 5 A.M.
03. Einmusik – Screaming Hand
04. Einmusik – 16 Notes
05. Einmusik – Alpine
06. Einmusik – Bisloa
07. Einmusik – PPG
08. Einmusik – Necromancy
09. Einmusik – Minute Forty Four
10. Einmusik – Sacro Bosco
11. Einmusik – Refsoolad

Between the one and the other. A simple physical background, but a special moment. It’s 5 am. The people are still dancing and everybody recognizes that special colored sky. It’s the blue hour. The beats are still the same, but the feeling is changing. Your feet get awake again, your face gets a new color, your hands are no longer hidden in the darkness, but you still not arrived in the daily flow.

Einmusik did an album, especially for that moments between night – and daytime. The sounds are not linked on times, they are free and they are made for the dancefloor! No education, no tinker, no try for selling electronic music as a concept. It’s just a beat, a clap, a voice and a melody. “5am is an album full of emotions i collected over the last months. You go out of the club and you see the sky changing. The pics and the melodies are still in you mind and you are holding on for one moment and you ask yourself, if it would be better to turn and go back?”.

Twilight. A tent, a stage, a massive crowd. Einmusik is on the way, to bring you the feeling of his 5am blue hour to the festivals and parties and send you some real dancefloor tracks this year.

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What it is about

Traveling and touring is an inspiration for Samuel Kindermann alias Einmusik. This is why he founded his own label Einmusika where sounds come together, where artists meet and where the music he likes is getting a place for reaching the electronic scence.

Einmusika is not only a platform, it is a playground for new handpicked production talents from all over the world.