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Einmusika 030 – Jonas Saalbach – Lost EP (release 03.09.2014)

Artist: Jonas Saalbach
Title: Lost EP
Cat.: einmusika030
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: September 03, 2014
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01. Jonas Saalbach – Lost
02. Jonas Saalbach – A Spiritual Thing
03. Jonas Saalbach – Anesthesia

A night without lights. Dark clouds above you! A sirene, a girl without shoes, a cap. Let’s get lost! Let’s open the door and get into the room with rough walls and dimmed lights.

A deep baseline spins through the night, the claps are pushing your pulse rate. From one moment to the other you are “Lost“. The new EP from Jonas Saalbach comes up with three dark beauties.

While the title track finds the way to a surreal and soothing break. “Anesthesia“ doesn’t need that reassurance. The dark voice escorts you trough hours. The synths make you dream, your feet are busy with the clap.

Let’s finish the trip with „A Spiritual Thing“. Again a male voice picks you up and a hard baseline mashes up with frosty melodies. „Do You Remember“? After this time you will not be sure. Why stop? Let’s get lost again!

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