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Einmusika073 – Charlie Don’t Surf – Storms Ahead EP (release 15.04.2016)

Artist: Charlie Don’t Surf
Title: Storms Ahead EP
Cat.: einmusika073
Format: CD / Wav / MP3

Release Date: April 15th, 2016
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01. After Me
02. Forget About The Sun 03. Storms Ahead
04. Refill
05. Wait For Me
06. Me
07. As Waves Crash
08. Slowly Drifting
09. Smoothie
10. It’s In The Dust

When a young producer is free to do whatever he likes to, the result can be simply amazing. Welcome Charlie Don’t Surf with his full-length album “Storms Ahead“ on Einmusika. A bunch of electronic visions from the past and the future coming together and building something really unique. Like a travel of an old soul through undiscovered soundscapes – the technical side so perfect and the execution so unreal. The album is no four-to-the-floor material, no glittery flash in it. The 10 tracks are full of techy grooves and emotional intensity and that is what will make you get Goosebumps. The whole album is like a ceremony based on a natural spiritual note. It is introspective music on the way to the club, stranded short before in a desert where the sun is never going down. Snapping break beats and warming sub-bass are typical for “After Me“, “Storms Ahead“ and “Wait For Me“. Psychedelic and restless comes “Me“, with it’s crazy build up and the variety of unusual elements which are coming in step by step. “As Waves Chrashes“ is opening your ears for minimal sounds and a trip through space and time. “Slowly Drifting“ bringing you back on the ground with smart and lightning sounds and “Smoothie“ is helping you to handle that trip you made. So it’s no problem if everything is still “In The Dust“, the next storm is ahead and will clear everything.

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