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Einmusika110 – Marc DePulse – Kontrollverlust (Album) (release: 20.11.2017)

Artist: Marc DePulse
Title: Kontrollverlust (Album)
Cat.: einmusika110
Format: Wav / MP3 / CD

Release Date: November 20th, 2017
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01. Uranus 51
02. Her Fragrance
03. Kontrollverlust ft. Xenia Beliayeva
04. Hats Off
05. Sienka
06. Better Be Nice
07. Tailwind
08. Radio Star
09. Back To Bed
10. Prince Charming

Loss of control. Shimmering lights, smelly buildings’corners, a heavy throb in your head. Time doesn’t pass, doesn’t stop, is meaningless. Your whole body is off-line, your mind blown away. But that doesn’t matter because it brings you further and you set the direction. Marc DePulse’s second longplayer “Kontrollverlust“ will be out in November. Loosing yourself in music, in trance – on purpose or because life takes it’s way – that’s what it’s about. While “Uranus51“ is mystical and spheric, a straight way into nowhere, the second track “Her Fragrance“ already catches you with dark, dirty bass lines and pulsating beats. Xenia Beliayeva’s vocals on the title track „Kontrollverlust“ are telling a story about love and sorrow at the same time. Visions, fantasy, the whole longplayer is full of emotions.

“Hats Off“ starts with a bleeping and continues softly and peacefully. A perfect club tune followed by “Sienka“ with this little extra of funk. So now “Better Be Nice“ while dark basses are crashing in and techno tunes make their way. After “Tailwind“ and “Radio Star“ you remember that darkness gets always replaced by sunlight. Make your peace and get “Back To Bed“ till you recovered and under control. Finally „Prince Charming“ guids you to a beautiful place outside. A deep breath and you’re ready to go back where you started.

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