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Einmusika114 – Niconé – Can’t Hide ft. Aves Volare EP (release: 09.02.2018)

Artist: Niconé
Title: Can’t Hide ft. Aves Volare EP
Cat.: einmusika114
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: February 09th, 2018
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01. Can’t Hide ft. Aves Volare
02. Adulte Dunkeln ft. David Hasert
03. Never Thought ft. Aves Volare

A production full of clarity and power, warm and melodic – welcome Niconé on Einmusika. Together with Aves Volare the title track “Can’t Hide“ wakes you up from winter mood and makes you feel comfortable in the club. The massive male vocal stays in mind. Another strike from the Berlin based producer and DJ who know how to deal with the hungry crowd. Together with his mate David Hasert he brings the more dry and techy. Keep running with “Adulte Dunkeln“. The second vocal track with Aves Volare brings you a bit down. Love is the theme and “Never Thought“ balances the Ep between light and darkness.

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