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Einmusika143 – Einmusik – Flare EP (release: 29.03.2019)

Artist: Einmusik
Title: Flare EP
Cat.: einmusika143
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: March 29th, 2019
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01. Flare
02. Bead
03. Reeling ft. Haptic

Not in a rush but on the run. A rolling bass line drops in, paired with clear keys and the typical melodic width. With “Flare“ the boss delivers the first summer tune, full of energy and with a breath-taking break.
Intense and techy comes Einmusik’s “Bread“ which is sending you back to the club after the end of the day and gives you a warm and mystic feeling. It’s an emotional rollercoaster ride and it’s hard to exit this perfect trip. Together with Australia based Haptic “Reeling“ brings you back to reality. A hard slow-down into a spheric and sentimental moment. Once again an absolut momentous work straight from Berlin.

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What it is about

Traveling and touring is an inspiration for Samuel Kindermann alias Einmusik. This is why he founded his own label Einmusika where sounds come together, where artists meet and where the music he likes is getting a place for reaching the electronic scence.

Einmusika is not only a platform, it is a playground for new handpicked production talents from all over the world.