Artist: D-Formation & Masella

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1. D-Formation, Masella - Ahura Mazda
2. D-Formation, Masella - Mitra
3. D-Formation, Masella - Anahita (Intro Version)

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Einmusika214 | D-Formation, Masella – Ahura

D-Formation is back on Einmusika. This time he teamed up with Masella for an epic melodic EP full of warm and almost cinematic sounds. “Ahura Mazda” starts calm and reduced with the lead melody next to moody piano chords. Later the track opens up with wide strings and rhythmic patterns. “Mitra” is straight forward with a deep legato bassline and an uplifting arpegiator synth. On top we added Anahita, a beatiful ambient journey with wide soundscapes and atmopsheres.