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Artist: Betoko & Marc DePulse
Title: Something Spacial EP
Cat.: einmusika130
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: September 14th, 2018
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01. Something Spacial
02. Morphanikal
03. Cryptonight

A dark and dirty bass line kicks in and the synths preparing us without rest for the new season. “Something Spacial” is coming from Betoko and Marc DePulse. A collab full of techy vibes and long lasting melodic moments. More easy and with a touch of 80’s softness comes “Morphanikal” with it’s bleeps and noises and the magic break. Like a long lasting dance hymn comes “Cryptonight” with it’s clear synths and multi-lanyard instruments. Enjoy this versatile trip and get an idea of Einmusika’s brand new sound of the season.

Artist: Budakid
Title: Rhizome EP
Cat.: einmusika129
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: August 24th, 2018
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01. Rhizome
02. Matahari ft. Sterioa
03. Granny ft. Nordfold

Sunny and warm sounds, the relaxing voices of kids and an on-point bass line. Welcome back Budakid with “Rhizome“ which could be the late-summer-hit with it’s intense soundscapes and message. “Matahari“ feat. Sterioa is more four to the floor with some spacey sounds and wide open keys. Nordfold is the partner in crime for “Granny“ which is starting slow and mysterious. The whole Ep is a sound experiment full of unusual sounds and effects, enjoy the trip.

Artist: Lexer
Title: Harvest EP
Cat.: einmusika128
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: August 17th, 2018
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01. Hideout
02. Me So Bad
03. Indominus
04. Hideout (Instrumental Mix)

Light and groovy, with a shaking bass line and some mystic synth elements to get you into the groove: We say welcome Lexer on board with his “Hideout“ EP. the title track with it’s vocals is a perfect summer drop within every set under the sun. “Me So Bad“ comes a bit darker but full of groove and step by step the clouds are breaking and the sunbeams show up. “Indominus“ with it’s metropolitan attitude is something for world travellers. A diverse number with voices and vocals, a tight clap and a restless build up. On top we are bringing the instrumental version of “Hideout“ and say enjoy the summer with another must have on Einmusika.

Artist: Tom Zeta
Title: Sapphire EP
Cat.: einmusika127
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: August 3rd, 2018
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01. Sapphire
02. Sugo
03. Towers

A real youngster with high quality production skills and a unique soul in his music. We say welcome to Tom Zeta with “Sapphire“ – a mixture between deep and melodic sounds and techy vibes. The tight clap and the talking keys making this one really special. “Sugo“ is more dreamy and relaxed, a summer anthem with it’s housy vibe and the straight and classy open soundscapes. Finally „Towers“ comes dark and mystic in the beginning. That one fits in the club and for the late hours of a beach event and it brings you really far away with it’s hypnotic vibe. Enjoy the mixture, out on Einmusika soon.

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Bella Mar 05
Cat.: einmusika126
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: July 20th, 2018
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01. Marc DePulse – Opium ft. John M
02. Ben Böhmer & Timo Jahns – Lifespan
03. Township Rebellion – The Review
04. Darin Epsilon – Kerguelen
05. Florian Kruse & Hendrik Burkhard – Sail
06. BONDI – Gone When The Sun Sets
07. Ryan McCormack – Night Cap In Bombay
08. Rauschhaus & Peter Groskreutz – Words Of Hali
09. Dale Middleton – Welcome To This World
10. Carlo Whale – Silent Night

It’s number 5 of our yearly series and this time German based Marc DePulse collected the Einmusika sound of the season. Bella Mar 5 comes with a great mixture of Deep House and Chill Out sounds, with techy parts and the right sound for the hot night.

Artist: Ian O’Donovan
Title: Mojave EP
Cat.: einmusika125
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: July 13th, 2018
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01. Mojave
02. Mercury
03. Bajau

welcome Ian O’Donovan on Einmusika. The irish producer is bringing us 3 melodic tracks full of his finest signature synth sound. “Mojave” is going straight forward with a driving arp element. “Mercury” comes with warm string sounds and a nice chord progression. Last on the ep is “Bajau” which is a beautiful moody summer tune. Let the sunshine in with this pack out in July.

Artist: Einmusik
Title: Falcon EP
Cat.: einmusika124
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: June 29th, 2018
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01. Falcon
02. Tonina
03. Lagoon w. Jonas Saalbach

Straight and restless, wild and loud, this one is grown organic and the euphoric atmosphere will guide you through the summer season. Welcome back to our label boss Einmusik, the world traveler with his special and precise sound. “Falcon” is a milestone for the dancefloor scene with it’s shimmering and wide open build up. Starting without breaks and into games “Tonina” is the one with the rolling, hands aloft groove. Layer over layer it becomes a typical Einmusik production with an epic break where you can feel the air vibrating in emotions. Travelling together from continent to continent with their amazing and unique live set, “Lagoon” is showing the musical unity of Einmusik and Jonas Saalbach. Such a banger bringing your body in permanent vibrations with swinging clicks and clips and the most peaceful attitude new journeys can create.

Artist: Julian Wasserman
Title: Elysion EP
Cat.: einmusika123
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: June 22nd, 2018
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01. Surreal
02. Elysion
03. Genesis

Deep melodic and summer-like – we say welcome Julian Wassermann with his organic and absolutely groovy “Elysion“. A track full of dreamy chords and a long lasting hookline. While the piano is swinging you feel the power of the bass line and the hypnotic build up. While “Genesis“ is more easy and made for the sunny dancefloor , “Surreal“ comes with a darker attitude and some shuffling sounds which end up in a hands-up break.

Artist: Cioz
Title: Road To Montenegro EP
Cat.: einmusika122
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: June 8th, 2018
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01. Nothing Happens By Chance ft. Seth Schwarz
02. Sutomore ft. San Hell Sing

This guy! The Bergamo born Cioz is bringing some magic for the summer. A friendly mind, a dreamy soul, a super talented musician, a crazy partner in crime. With Seth Schwarz and “Nothing Happens By Chance“ he is combining all the ideas and habits in a unique and long lasting dance track.
“Sutomore“ with San Hell Sing comes mystical and easy with the happiness of a summer day at the lake and the soft gravity of a sundowner.

Artist: Various Artists
Title: 10 Years Remixes, Part I
Cat.: einmusika121
Format: Wav / MP3

Release Date: May 25th, 2018
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01. Pysh – Visions (Eelke Kleijn Remix)
02. Betoko – Foreverness (Gabriel Ananda Remix)
03. Budakid – No Human Is Illegal (Mira & Chris Schwarzwalder Remix)
04. Tim Engelhardt – Trust (Nico Stojan Remix)
05. Piek – Does Your Love Fade Away (Marco Resmann Remix)
06. Marc DePulse – Imagine (Markus Kavka Remix)

Based in the world, made in Berlin and powered by the audience: this is Einmusika Recordings. Founded by label boss Einmusik end of 2008, the imprint has grown to a large family with members from Beirut, Toronto, Madrid, Amsterdam and many more cities. To celebrate 10 Years of it’s creative journeys and visions, Einmusika asked some friends and highly respected musicians to pick their favourite track from the past 10 Years for a very particular remix. Get inspired by a drifting version of Tim Engelhardt’s “Trust“ delivered by Nico Stojan. “Imagine“ a wild and liberating summer with Markus Kavka’s interpretation of Marc DePulse and put your dancing shoes on when Gabriel Ananda’s remix of Betoko’s “Foreverness“ flows through the speakers.

„No Human Is Illegal“ was the message Budakid has sent in 2016 and Mira & Chris Schwarzwälder keep on spreading this special and important word through a lovely and deep version of it. Marco Resmann asks: “Does Your Love Fade Away“ with a darker and techy interpretation of the classic from Piek. Uplifting and right in time for the summer comes Eelke Kleijn’s “Visions“ with a dreamy and melodic attitude and some typical Amsterdam sounds. The original by Pysh was released in 2015 and still shakes the clubs.

Every Journey Creates A New Sound – Einmusika’s trip continues and the label will manifest itself with many showcases and own festival stages till the end of 2019.

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