Sky Burner

Artist: Rafael Cerato

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1. Rafael Cerato - Burner ft. Jonatan Backelie
2. Rafael Cerato - Blisters ft. Jonatan Backelie
3. Rafael Cerato - Blisters (Einmusik Remix)
4. Rafael Cerato - Heaven

About Album


Einmusika109 | Rafael Cerato – Sky Burner EP

Light on the dark dancefloor. Trancy, deep and atmospheric – welcome back Rafael Cerato on Einmusika. Together with Jonatan Backelie the Sky Burner Ep brings unique and uplifting vibes. “Blisters“is like a soundtrack, a book you read and can not close. We added an Einmusik remix full of sunny moments and emotional breaks. The final “Heaven“ is wide open and dreamy. Get into the mood, out end of October.