15 Years Einmusika

Artist: Various Artists

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1. SKIY, Einmusik - Haunted
2. Raphael Mader - Butterflies
3. Carlos Barbero feat. Aves Volare - Mysterious Side
4. BLANCAh, Attma - Veles
5. Ryz' - Unspoken
6. ZAC - Follow The Lights
7. Peter Makto feat. Eleonora - I Follow You
8. ARMINA - Apolo
9. Nihil Young - Fallen
10. NILU - Midnight
11. Rolbac - Rising
12. Michaelous - Spirit of the Machine
13. aacht - Phantoma
14. Nosssia - Dangerous
15. Teodor G. - Psy Chai

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Einmusika265 | Various Artists – 15 Years Einmusika

We are thrilled to share the exciting news of our 15th-anniversary celebration as a record label. In honor of this milestone, we have curated an extraordinary compilation featuring a blend of established and emerging artists who have been a part of our musical journey as well as some new faces. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating and captivating release, featuring acclaimed names such as Einmusik, SKIY, Zac, Blancah, Nihil Young, Raphael Mader, and numerous other remarkable talents.