Artist: Bolth

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1. Bolth - Fluttering
2. Bolth - Guided Journey
3. Bolth - Echo the Noise

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Einmusika266 | Bolth – Fluttering

We are excited to unveil our upcoming release crafted by the talented Brazilian artist, Bolth. This remarkable EP comprises three tracks that seamlessly blend pulsating beats and enchanting melodies. The standout title track, “Fluttering,” is a euphoric and melodically-driven techno piece featuring a distinctive and subtly detuned main lead synth. “Echo the Noise” offers a more atmospheric and hypnotic experience, unfolding into a vast and warm soundscape with captivating chords during the breakdown. Concluding the EP, “Guided Journey” is a potent and dark composition, complemented by a hauntingly beautiful vocal performance.