Artist: Midas 104 / Jonas Saalbach / Tschoris

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1. Midas 104 - Impuls
2. Jonas Saalbach - Mosaik
3. Midas 104 - Fokus
4. Jonas Saalbach, Tschoris - Arctic Front

About Album


Einmusika 022 | Midas 104, Jonas Saalbach, Tschoris – Impuls

We are back with three young and talented producers from Berlin. Our first artist already released on Katermukke and with “Impuls“ Midas 104 shows us a heavy part of himself. It is a beautiful and dreamy piece of music, which grows up, beat by beat. It strokes your soul and it makes you dance and breath. Gently filtered electric pianos and a slinky bassline on it are making it really warm and melodic.

We continue with a clubby number from Jonas Saalbach, where all elements come together as a dark beauty with easy and uplifting parts in it. “Mosaik“ is moving between a hard bassline and soothing synths.

Second number of Jonas Saalbach on the EP is a collab with Tschoris. Strong tunes, clear vibes and suprising gimmicks are making “Arctic Front“ a perfect number for the shallow moments. You need some time to grasp the full power of this song, but it will stay in your head.

With “Fokus“ from Midas 104 the four track Ep is completed. It starts quiet and it is getting a funky and deep one with epic keys and snatched chords.