Artist: Enamour

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1. Epiphany Engineering
2. Anima
3. Reticent
4. Anima (Dub Mix)
5. Anima (Melodic Theme)

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Einmusika206 | Enamour – Anima EP

Welcome Enamour on Einmusika. The first two tracks, “Epiphany Engineering” and “Anima”, came about in quick succession during Covid lockdowns, after a few months of shifting his leisure listening away from dance music to modern classical, jazz, and film scores. These two are an exploration into concerto arrangement, harmony, classical composition, and its modification for a club setting. He created an emotional journey and humanized his modular synthesizer in a classical-inspired way while still keeping the music relevant for the dance floor. Though with Anima, he did find it necessary to provide a version with solely the melodic theme, without the limitations posed by a dance arrangement. The final track “Reticent” is another that he felt tapped into a similar energy and belonged on the record alongside the others.