Mezclado, Pt. 2

Artist: Einmusik / Jonas Saalbach / SKALA

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1. Einmusik & Jonas Saalbach - Immerse
2. Einmusik & SKALA - Carnival

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Einmusika188 | Einmusik, Jonas Saalbach, SKALA – Mezclado Pt. 2

Mezclado, Pt. 2 is on the way. For the second edition Einmusik teamed up with Jonas Saalbach and SKALA.

“Immerse” is a dark and floating track with choppy hihats and a filtered clap. Effect sounds blend in and out next to deep drowning brassy synths.

“Carnival” has housy chords and some crazy lead synths. During the break an 80s style arpeggiator opens up with the typical Einmusik progression.