Artist: Beatamines

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1. Beatamines - Echoes
2. Beatamines - Pegasus
3. Beatamines - Second Decay
4. Beatamines - Y.D.U.
5. Beatamines, Robertsøn - End Of Day
6. Einmusik, Beatamines - Meet Your Ears
7. Beatamines, Fabio Montana - Mind Escort
8. Beatamines - Rush
9. Beatamines - Black Sun
10. Beatamines - Cityfield East (Interlude)

About Album


Einmusika076 | Beatamines – Echoes

You can’t hold them, you can’t see them, but you can feel every single one. “Echoes“ are versatile and unique and that’s how the first longplayer of Beatamines sounds. Next to chunky, bass-loaded house sounds you’ll find techno dancefloor monsters and very smooth melodic stories on it. An album, made with passion and a long breath: Echoes was built slowly, with an intense study of production skills and Beatamines developed his style with every new song. Cooperations with Einmusik and Fabio Montana are on it and we are having some absolute stompers on. The 10 tracks are not seasonal or bound on any hype, just dancefloor music for the whole year. “Echoes“ will be out in May and it will be on your side for the rest of the year.