Bella Mar 08

Artist: Various Artists

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1. Einmusik - Shinsetsu
2. Julian Wassermann - Ode
3. Catom - Better Days
4. Rauschhaus, Peer Kusiv, Peter Groskreutz - Anubis
5. Philipp Kempnich - Mangata
6. Bensus7, Gregor Klamra - Darkhain
7. Stil & Bense - One Trick Pony
8. Niconé - sí feat. Odara Sol
9. Marc DePulse - Down To Earth
10. Resil - Hibiki Iro

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Einmusika200 | Various Artists – Bella Mar 08

Our annual Bella Mar is coming early this year for a good reason. We are celebrating our 200th release with this compilation. Label boss Einmusik compiled 10 smooth tracks to get in the mood for summer time. We want to thank everyone who supported us over the years and we hope you are staying healthy till we can see us very soon on the dancefloor again!