Artist: Microtrauma

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1. Microtrauma - Soñar
2. Microtrauma - Vona 1.2
3. Microtrauma - Filamenta
4. Microtrauma - 5254
5. Microtrauma - I Am Bient
6. Microtrauma - Undercurrent
7. Microtrauma - Crudo
8. Microtrauma - Aden
9. Microtrauma - Haamit
10. Microtrauma - Reise Von Ker

About Album


Einmusika112 | Microtrauma – Soñar (Album)

A silky smooth intro, peaceful seconds, before the restless dream starts. Wide open and mysterious deep that is “Soñar“ the title track of Microtrauma’s first longplayer. Like a trip through the universe – “Vona 1.2“ creates different pictures rushing by. Get on the dancefloor with “Filamenta“ and breath deeply while listening to “5254“. The whole longplayer is like an emotional carrousel. From silky smooth beats to bass-loated tracks and foreign noises. “I Am Bient“ comes so dark and cold – you are paralysed, just to get back moving and dreaming the next moment. The longplayer combines techno and wave, house, pop and alien instrumentals. It’s a real refreshment for your ears. You will find peace in “Undercurrent“, face your fears in “Crudo“ and find your way with “Haamit“.
Time to wake up and see the stars from our perspective with “Reise Von Ker“. Out in January 2018.