Artist: Einmusik

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1. Einmusik - Flare
2. Einmusik - Bead
3. Einmusik - Reeling ft. Haptic

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Einmusika143 | Einmusik – Flare EP

Not in a rush but on the run. A rolling bass line drops in, paired with clear keys and the typical melodic width. With “Flare“ the boss delivers the first summer tune, full of energy and with a breath-taking break.
Intense and techy comes Einmusik’s “Bread“ which is sending you back to the club after the end of the day and gives you a warm and mystic feeling. It’s an emotional rollercoaster ride and it’s hard to exit this perfect trip. Together with Australia based Haptic “Reeling“ brings you back to reality. A hard slow-down into a spheric and sentimental moment. Once again an absolut momentous work straight from Berlin.