Bella Mar 04

Artist: Various Artists

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1. Jonas Saalbach & Logfile - Run
2. Simon Doty - Andromeda
3. Philipp Kempnich - Golden Meadow
4. Mike Tohr - Frozen Cones
5. Hacker & Miethig - CC1
6. Huminal - Chasing Reality
7. Nordfold - Windless
8. Miyagi - A Better Ghost
9. Niconé - mkkerzuge
10. Budakid - In Your Eyes

About Album


Einmusika103 | VA – Bella Mar 04

Summer is back and we celebrate the season with our 4th edition of the Bella Mar Compilation. This time we asked Jonas Saalbach to get his favourite acts on board and we are pretty sure, you will love the selection. From deep and groovy vibes like the intro song “Run“ by Jonas Saalbach & Logfile or Simon Doty’s “Andromeda“ to techy and more uplifting tracks by Philipp Kempnich, Hacker & Miethig or Niconé. Mike Thor, Miyagi, Budakid and Huminal – this selection makes you ridding smooth under the sun and through the night.