The Unknown

Artist: Mohn (NL)

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1. Mohn (NL) - Reboot the Vibe
2. Mohn (NL) - Loving the Deep

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Einmusika049 | Mohn (NL) – The Unknown

Ambient style, summerlike, unique sounds – welcome Mohn on Einmusika. With “The Unknown“ we present you a mixture of dub beats and soft synths, sounds full of harmony and warm moments. “Reboot The Vibe“ will pick you up for a dance on the beach. Smooth and long lasting because of it’s natural rhythm. It feels like a holiday trip. No stress, no time, no need to hurry. “Loving The Deep“ feat. Rick Weiss finally brings you back to the dancefloor at night. A lot of energy behind soft claps and a pumping bass line. The vocals are dreamy and we are sure, you’ll enjoy the summertime with this classy tune.