Artist: Jonas Saalbach & Shimmer

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1. Jonas Saalbach & Shimmer - Gaia
2. Jonas Saalbach & Shimmer - For A Moment
3. Jonas Saalbach & Shimmer - Gaia (Andreas Henneberg Remix)

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Einmusika040 | Jonas Saalbach & Shimmer – Gaia

Cosmic and full of fantasy. Build up from chaos, bundled to beautiful perfection, that is the story behind “Gaia”. Jonas Saalbach and Shimmer didn’t named the Ep like this only because of a mood. Effects were flying through the room, drums tickled on dark keys and bizar themes were born and killed right after. A natural way to make music and the best one to create a divine dancefloor number.”Gaia” is straight and frisky, dark and hopeful at the same moment. With Andreas Hennebergs remix we add a strong version with a smooth build up and long lasting breaks. No-messing house music, simply catchy Tech House with unique vocals – enjoy this trip with The Glitz’s mastermind.

And than come back “For A Moment” and listen to a dark baseline growing step by step, which is finally becoming a giant. Soft creeping vocals, a fast melody with hypnotic breaks and a magical atmosphere. So what’s the story about “Gaia”? Energy, tragedy and one musical narration hidden in another – so check it again.