Artist: Miss Melera

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1. Miss Melera - Faith
2. Miss Melera - Fearless
3. Miss Melera - Faith (Einmusik Remix)

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Einmusika031 | Miss Melera – Faith

Welcome at the end of a restless summer, welcome back in the club, welcome Miss Melera!

Einmusika starts the season with a deep and magic EP from Holland’s mixing queen. For quite some times she’s a family member, but now we are listening to the first tracks on our label, rolling trough the night and over the last open air areas like thunder. Miss Melera loves and feels melodies, wrapped in between straight and pulsating claps and proper grooves. This release isn’t gentle, it isn’t feminine, it’s combining a booming bass, hands-in-the-air lines and lithe metallic rhythms.

It’s always good to have a dessert and this one comes from Einmusik. He did a remix of the title track „Faith“ with typical skills and dark breaks. So what you are waiting for? Let’s go inside.