Bella Mar 06

Artist: Various Artists

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1. Einmusik - Spume
2. Peter Pardeike ft. Cameron James Laing - Back Down
3. Niconé - Acid Heart ft. Enda Gallery
4. Lexer - Jewel
5. Jonas Saalbach - Intangible
6. Rauschhaus & Peer Kusiv - Charon
7. Mononoid - Argo
8. Danito & Athina - Crazy Love
9. Ivan Masa - Giga
10. Marc DePulse - A Better Place

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Einmusika153 | Various Artists – Bella Mar 06

Summer moves on… and we are back with the 6th edition of our “Bella Mar“ compilation. This year we asked the boss himself to collect some pearls and get some friends together for this wonderful project. We have Niconé for example, the Berlin multiple talented guy which always surprises with unique beats and long lasting melodies – his „Acid Heart“ brings us back to the 90’s with the push of 2019. Peter Pardeike ft. Cameron James brings a crazy good vocal track full of love and warm feelings. A “Jewel“ is coming from Leipzig based Lexer which is straight for the dancefloor. Enjoy a bath in this wonderful deep and techy song which is easily going forward. Einmusik delivers “Spume“ full of passion and hands-up-dream-moments. We say hello again to friends like Mononoid, Marc DePule, Jonas Saalbach, Ivan Masa, Rauschhaus & Peer Kusiv. And finally we meet again with Danito & Athina which recently joined Einmusika for the big Barcelona show and name it a “Crazy Love“.