Artist: THe WHite SHadow

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1. THe WHite SHadow - Sunset
2. THe WHite SHadow - Sunrise
3. THe WHite SHadow - Lost Soul
4. THe WHite SHadow - Sunset (Olivier Weiter Remix)
5. THe WHite SHadow - Last

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Einmusika054 | THe WHite SHadow – Sunrise

Pumping basslines, deep and hypnotic synths, full power into the new season. It is THe WHite SHadow bringing some techno beats after these hot summer days. The dark and cold atmosphere is growing second by second and the sounds get rugged. Suddenly you are wishing that the nights will get longer again to celebrate fizzy electronic sounds like this.

“Sunset“ and “Sunrise“ letting you feel the power of drums and kicks in a clean version. “Lost Soul“ is more melodic and decorated with soft synths. The shaker is breathless and it seems like THe WHite SHadow collected all pent up emotions in that song. We have “Last“ sounding really metallic and unique. A lot of elements fighting against each other to end up in a magic break.

On top Dutch producer Olivier Weiter serves us a straight and uncompromising remix which will rock the dancefloor with it’s simple and catchy atmosphere. Welcome back in the club, we’ll guide you through the new season.