God’s Eyes Are Sleeping

Artist: Arash Shadram & Sophijan

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1. Arash Shadram & Sophijan - God's Eyes Are Sleeping
2. Arash Shadram & Sophijan - Black Tears
3. Arash Shadram & Sophijan - Serenity

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Einmusika180 | Arash Shadram & Sophijan – God’s Eyes Are Sleeping EP

Welcome Arash Shadram and Sophijan on Einmusika. “God’s Eyes Are Sleeping” is a deep and minimalistic melodic techno tune with a catchy hook sound. “Black Tears” is dreamy, melancholic and has a beautiful violin sample next to piano chords and a modulated synth lead. “Serenity” starts mysterious and builds a lot of tension through the track. The main melody is applied very carefully and keeps the tracks interesting mood.