I. D. C.

Artist: Einmusik

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1. Einmusik - Night Train
2. Einmusik - I. D. C.
3. Einmusik - Sleep Talk feat. Valentine
4. Einmusik - Dawn
5. Einmusik - You feat. Jonas Saalbach
6. Einmusik - Lullaby
7. Einmusik - Woods Of Darkness
8. Einmusik - Parthey
9. Einmusik - Symmetry

About Album


Einmusika045 | Einmusik – I. D. C.

Try to open your eyes. The light is fresh and bright and you can see white landscapes afar. Metallic coldness encompasses you only a few seconds, then it’s getting easier and you feel how your legs get warmed and agile. The sky is still glossy, a bit blinding and mixed up with a muted blue. And than there is this sound: focused, deep and concentrated. You are no longer here. You entered the cosmos of Einmusik and you will stay for a long time. The Berlin based producer is back with his album 4th album “I. D. C.“

9 tracks full of versatility and pressure, long lasting melodies and dream-inducing synths. The story of “5 A.M.“ continues in a mirror reflection. This time you can not grab it, you can not hold it and wait till the realness of the day finally arrives. This time you need to move with bold basslines and heavy structure changes, with new developments and a slowly growing feeling of loosing time and orientation. Still one step forward, one step more? It’s not sure, there are no traces, no clear structures or colored points anymore. Only pearls, white and clear on the way.

Follow the “Night Train”, move on a “Sleep Talk“ with the beautiful compelling voice of Valentine or get completely lost with “I. D. C“ for a moment. And than enter this black field in front of you with “Dawn“. Everything changed. Have a look around and feel the magic of Einmusik’s collaboration with Jonas Saalbach in “You“.

The way back is already lost. And afar you’ll only see “Woods of Darkness“. The bassline is pumping like your heart and you have only one way through creepy synths and restless melodies. But from the middle there is this light again, a warm and melodic exit. And with “Parthey“ and “Symmetry“ this world becomes more than you expected to find. It doesn’t matter where you go – this cosmos is endless.