Second Surface

Artist: Jonas Saalbach
Release Date: 27-3-2020

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1. Jonas Saalbach - Second Surface
2. Jonas Saalbach & Yuven - Catamount
3. Jonas Saalbach - Rapture

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Einmusika167 | Jonas Saalbach – Second Surface EP

After his third studio album Reminiscence last year Jonas Saalbach returns with a very diverse EP on EINMUSIKA, including material for sunrise festival sets as well as dark winter club nights.

„Second Surface“ will cause a wild stampede on the dancefloor with certainty. „Catamount“ on the other hand is more like the Oasis after a long walk through the desert, appearing from far, far away and soon transforming into a bath of pure joy and ecstasy. And with their thirst quenched the heard would then contentedly move on into the night carried through the solid groove of „Rapture“.