Multiple Life

Artist: Einmusik

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1. Einmusik - Multiple Life
2. Einmusik - Time Rolls On
3. Einmusik - Do You

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Einmusika 018 | Einmusik – Multiple Life

The outlines are bluring. Impossible to hold the form – it seems like wet confetti flakes are falling and the floor is dissolving. It is all an Illusion, you are listening to the first track on Einmusiks new EP called “Multiple Life“ with it’s unbraked bassline and the impressive piano, drifting over a poppy underground grouve. “Multiple Life“ is a collection of feelings, Samuel Kindermann brought along out of the fogged clubs. Big lights and emotions, impressing hours with crazy people and the loneliness after a faboulus gig – all comes together in this one song.

The second track is called “Time Rolls On“ – your ears will be suprised about the raw and pumping bassline and the distorted vocal which doesn’t give you the chance for a breath. It is a massy beat, it’s simply new shit and you can be sure you will not forget this tight claps which roll over and over and over.

On top you’ll find “Do You“. Fast and haunting – the Piano and the endless voice. This is a real dancefloor number, only made to pick you up for a summer with Einmusik.