The Other Side

Artist: Mooglie & Audrey Janssens

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1. Mooglie & Audrey Janssens - The Other Side
2. Mooglie - Whispers On The Red Carpet
3. Mooglie - Noise Legacy
4. Noise Legacy - The Other Side (Dub Mix)

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Einmusika228 | Mooglie, Audrey Janssens – The Other Side

Welcome Mooglie on Einmusika. We’re keen to have the rising french artist on the label with an outstanding EP. For “The Other Side” he teamed up with belgian singer Audrey Janssens. It’s a warm and soulful track which lets you dream and float away. “Whispers On The Red Carpet” is melancholic and moody with a deep bassline and a wide carpet of dramatic synth’s. “Noise Legacy” is mysterious and driving with a catchy hook line. Last but not least he added a dub mix of “The Other Side” with extended track length for the clubs.