Flying Circus

Artist: Pysh

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1. Pysh - Little Big Planet
2. Pysh - The Monk
3. Pysh - Clint Westwood
4. Pysh - This Is Madness
5. Pysh - Aguero
6. Pysh - Flying Circus
7. Pysh - Saint Greed
8. Pysh - Wakie Wakie
9. Pysh - Gaya

About Album


Einmusika024 | Pysh – Flying Circus

When doors open, you only see spotlights and beautiful creatures in the air. From the first step you are looking for the ground under your feet and you feel the heat of this colorful, emotive and crazy music. Welcome to our „Flying Circus“.

Pysh is the man, who created this beautiful album with nine outstanding and unusal electronic tracks. The guy from Warsaw already released on Einmusika and suprises again with sounds, far away from categories and drawers.