Bella Mar 11

Artist: Various Artists

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1. Einmusik - Road To Brindisi
2. Jordan Arts, JAMÏE - Clouds
3. Ece Ekren - Andromeda
4. Danny Wade - Lost Into The Wild
5. Aaron Suiss - Depths & Realms
6. Brigitte Belling - Savana
7. Unseen., Velvet Mode - Out Of Sight
8. Just Her - Aura
9. Outcome, Philipp Straub, Eleonora - It Will Be Alright
10. NILU (DK) - Portal
11. Jares - Precious
12. Jam Companion - Dance Till Dawn

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Einmusika283 | Various Artists – Bella Mar 11

Einmusik is passionate about curating fresh sounds that evoke the essence of summer, a passion reflected in his selection of tracks for the upcoming Bella Mar compilation, now in its 11th edition. Featuring artists such as Aaron Suiss, Just Her, Jordan Arts, Outcome & Philipp Straub, and more, this compilation blends genres like Progressive House, Melodic Techno, and Afro-House. With soulful productions perfect for your playlist or at the upcoming festivals, this compilation promises to be a delightful mixture. Enjoy the tunes and stay tuned for its release in summer 2024.